Over the last 12 years Fleet Feet Sports of Buffalo has trained thousands of runners to complete their goal races from 5ks to the marathon! We offer successful, proven training schedules to help our runners reach their goals. Our coaches are successful runners with years of experience and expertise to coach you throughout your training months.

Our training programs are geared for the all levels of experience to tackle various distances.

Our No Boundaries program is our beginner program. We start at a half of a mile and work our way to 3 miles before our participants run the group 5k goal race! Our program has both runners and run/walkers being group based coached over the course of 12 weeks. Mentors provide support and motivation throughout our group runs. We provide water at each run and each participant receives a technical No Boundaries shirt. The group run for this Fall’s programs is the Maritime March 5k on November 15th.

No Boundaries II is our intermediate program. It follows No Boundaries though it is not required to have participated in No Boundaries to participate in No Boundaries II. This program is for runners of all paces. We start at 3 miles and for this Fall will bring our mileage up to 6 miles.  As we increase mileage we’ll also be introducing speed work. The group goal race for this program, this Fall, is the YMCA Turkey Trot 8k (5 miles).

Here is our 2014 Fall line up, these are all links to more information and registration:

No Boundaries – Begins August 25th at Delaware Park and August 26th at UB North

No Boundaries II – Begins September 18th

We hope that we will see you in a training program this Fall!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email (Anne_marie@fleetfeetbuffalo.com) OR call the store at 716.332.3501.

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