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You know how good walking, running, swimming, dancing, and other forms of aerobic exercise are for your heart. But strength training also helps to keep your ticker in good shape. After analyzing data from nearly 13,000 adults, researchers found that those who did strength training had a much lower risk of heart attack and stroke, dying from heart-related causes, and dying early from any cause than those who didn’t do any strength training.The strength trainers also had lower risk of harmful cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and high triglycerides, and large waistline. The best part? There’s no need to live in the weight room; the heart-health benefits were seen with less than an hour of strength training a week! Find a certified trainer and learn a simple, efficient routine using machines, free weights, or your own body weight, and do at least two sessions a week. Your whole body, including your heart, will benefit.

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