This Saturday, we are starting our Winter Training Program for Buffalo Galloway.  This involves WNY’s TOUGHEST Road Race, the Lockport 10.  It’s a great race for a great cause, and I can’t wait to get started!  With that being said – have you ever wanted to train through the holidays so that you get a leg up on your New Years Resolution?  This group will help you train smartly, and successfully for your 10 mile goal, or the Lockport 5 – a 5 mile distance that is available.
When you succeed at this training goal in February, it sets you up for a successful spring into running – and you can work towards the Buffalo Half Marathon.  Why not join me for these great winter events – you all know I am in it for your successes, and we have a great group of runners on our team already!  You’ll never be alone, and you’ll always have someone holding you accountable for those Saturday Morning Runs!  Here is some more information, and a link to sign up::

Yearly Member
You get access to all of the training plans/group runs/fun runs/happy hours until December 31, 2019.  I have over 20 yearly members currently.  Another perk of this group is if you want to train for a fall Half Marathon (just an example), I will get you a customized plan, even though the group itself may not be training for that distance.  Another perk of the yearly membership is that you can plan to train with other yearly members and sign up for the same events.

Lockport 5 or 10 mile training
This is the training that starts on December 15, at 8am in Delaware Park.  We meet weekly on Saturday Mornings (for the winter).
Right now, we are planning on moving locations weekly until the snow gets bad.  Each week I send out an email on Monday or Wednesday with location, directions, maps, and a schedule for the upcoming weeks so you can prepare!
When the snow flies, we will stick to Wegmans on Niagara Falls Blvd or Delaware Park (both of which are plowed).  Because we are training for a race in Lockport, we will meet a few times IN Lockport, and the Race Director for the 10 will set up routes for us.  When we meet in Lockport, we will meet at 8:30am because of the distance 🙂

**The Yearly group will be training for the Lockport 10 as well, or else they will just consider this their long run if they do not want to run the Lockport Race.

***The 5 Mile Training starts on January 5 — You can choose to do the Lockport 5, or find a friend and do the relay!

Buffalo Half Marathon
This training starts February 16 — So, if you sign up for the yearly membership, you will go from 10 miles right into the half training, you will drop mileage down and give yourself a few weeks to rest up and then start training hard.
If you are a new runner, you will be able to complete the first few weeks of half training with the group, no problem – because we do start with short runs.

Other highlights:
When the weather gets nicer (usually end of April or May), we will start doing track work outs at ECC North Campus.  These are for speed work.  But it’s muddy so I really like waiting until the snow is done and the ground dries out a little – and its light!  I think that in 2019, we will be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  **that may change as we go into 2019, based on my schedule and availability.
Pacers – you never run alone with our group if you are training for the same races.  We have pacers that will help you through the training and that talk about Galloway, gliding, pacing, and its just great company.  We have about 35 people that just finished up the TT training, and many of them are continuing on through the winter!
Have friends?  If you get 3 friends to sign up, you’ll get your registration for the Lockport 10 for free, or you will get $50 off the yearly membership (whichever you prefer)

If you have a flex account, I believe that you can use it for registration.

For each session you sign up for:  There is a book, t-shirt, finishers medal included.  There is also weekly emails from me to nag you, and a training plan that includes (generally) 3 days of running, and cross training days.

Here is the website:

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