Are you up for a new challenge?

Whether you are an avid cyclist or a family looking to get more active, set your sights on adventure and fun along the 524-mile NYS Canal System and 365-mile Erie Canalway Trail. Reach your one-of-a-kind, personal mileage goal – whether cycling, paddling, running, hiking or walking – and discover all you can do along New York’s canals!

Great for kids and families, as well as those looking for a new wellness challenge! Whether you’re walking, cycling, or paddling, you’ll quickly get the feel of the trail or waterway and build confidence to tackle more. You can do one big trip or several smaller ones to achieve your 15-mile goal.

There are so many ways to get to 90 miles! Do a 3-mile run, 3 times a week for 10 weeks. Explore six different locations with 15-mile cycling trips. Or plan a long weekend with three 30-mile bike rides. Complete one 90-mile region at a time to achieve End-to-End status (360 miles).

Paddlers should plan about two weeks of 12-mile days to complete 180 miles. Cyclists going 30 to 45 miles a day can complete 180 miles in four to six days. If you are walking or running, divide 180 by your weekly mileage to determine how long it will take to reach 180 miles.

Join this exclusive club! The distinction of being an End-to-Ender is reserved for those who cycle, hike or paddle the entire distance (360 miles) from Buffalo to Albany (or Albany to Buffalo). Plan an extended trip or get there by checking off one 90 mile region at a time.

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