The Epilepsy Association of Western New York Inc. is holding the 18th Annual Maggie Lee Memorial 5K Run / Funwalk for Epilepsy Awareness on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Delaware Park / St. G…

2 Nottingham Terrace
Saint George Church
Buffalo, NY US 14216

Maggie lee was a counselor at the Epilepsy Association of WNY, a community activist, a friend and she had Epilepsy. In June of 2001 she died suddenly as a result of injuries sustained during a seizure. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder resulting in recurring seizures. Epilepsy affects one out of every 100 persons living in WNY.

Proceeds from the event help to support the outreach, awareness and education programs of the Epilepsy Association of WNY. The mission of the Epilepsy Association of WNY is to enable people living with Epilepsy to lead more independent, productive and satisfying lives.


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